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Quiet and creative all her life, she is a watcher; an observer of the

exquisite and complex moment around her. She is drawn to natural light

the most, and how a single flower, human face,or entire landscape

transforms throughout a given day with the shifting of the sunlight, the clouds,

the moonlight... Ameteur photography is how she

began to chronicle the internal somatics of seeing something beautiful;

that warm, lively feeling. She also paints in acrylics, and enjoys creating murals

of all sizes, most recently at a private residence in San Rafael.

Born in Chicago, grown up in Marin, she currently lives up on a hill in

Fairfax, overlooking part of Ross Valley.

She was drawn to the intricate process of weaving, beading,

and the allowing of colors to find their unique alchemy in each piece.

From a deep place of healed and healing trauma, Patricia uses her

own transmutation of energy and 'waking up' in her creative process,

enabling her art to essentially create itself.

Every piece teaches her something.

Though the process is spiritual in nature, Patricia draws inspiration

from science as well and the vast bank of research backing our understanding

of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Humans seek to make sense

of the world through myth, religion, and of course, art... Today we can literally

chart the benefits of practicing meditation and employ our practice in the gentle

process of self-understanding as well as self-care. Any person can sit and

look ever more deeply into their heart, mind, and body. We can delve into our states

of being to understand, yes, but also to heal, grow, and become wiser and

more compassionate. Interpretation of our wakeful life is one level;

seeking meaning from our life of slumber is another. Paying attention

to our dreams can yield infinite and utterly

personal lessons in this undertaking.

Perhaps you will be drawn to one particular piece. You may or

may not understand why. The purpose of art, as the celebrated Canadian

pianist Glenn Gould put into words, "is the gradual lifelong construction of a

state of wonder and serenity." So perhaps your piece elicits tranquility and

wonder. Maybe it displays your favorite colors or is adorned with a particularly

stunning crystal or bead. Do you need to understand?

Can you listen to the piece and feel a resonance within you?

Dreamcatchers were originally conceived of by American Native tribes as

potent spiritual tools. Thus, Patricia creates from

a state of prayer, gratitude, and deep respect.

Traditionally used as talismans of protection, they will filter and translate

your dreams... Though the images and feelings of a dream may be complex,

the messages contained in them, when received through the dreamcatcher,

will become more accessible to the dreamer upon fully waking.

The pieces are meant to complement a personal practice of self exploration

and realization... but also to simply brighten a space, a heart. Genuine crystals

refract light and cast rainbows from spacious windows; soft yarns summon

you to touch and feel comfort; playful colors dazzle your inner

and/or actual child, sparking joy...

Most significant is what rises within you in response to the art.

You are warmly welcomed to view the present collection of dreamcatchers,

and it is Patricia's deepest wish that you might be inspired.